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Saturday greetings, Title Magicians ... so, MY SEXY SATURDAY will be on hiatus until June 1, 2017

HERE IS AN ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING, RIVETING SHOW ABOUT HOMO SAPIENS BEGINNING IN AUSTRALIA ... INSTEAD OF AFRICA ... However, you have to be a subscriber at to listen to this particular program. Obviously, you can check out the book. Link below. 

Friday April 7, 2017

Our HIdden Past: Did Mankind START in Australia?

Conventional scientific wisdom has it that mankind originated in Africa and migrated from that continent throughout the world. This week on Dreamland we explore the competing theory that the origin of Homo Sapiens actually took place in Australia, not Africa.
Listen as researcher Steven Strong makes the case that the real story of the origin of modern humans might be very different from the one we have believed for the past hundred years.
He presents evidence that Homo Sapiens existed in Australia 40,000 years before they appeared in Africa, and that there were migrations of original Australians throughout the Pacific region, including settlements in the Americas.
In the second half of the show, Steven reports on Australian Original Peoples resurrection and initiation practices that Dreamlanders will immediately see are similar to those practiced by the ancient Egyptians, as reported by Freddy Silva on Dreamland a few weeks ago. 
Dreamland specializes in taking journeys to faraway places and times and exploring mysteries like this. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat as you contemplate the mystery of mankind's mysterious past and what our deep ancestors knew about the journey of souls.

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